Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just took down the newest Trial of the Crusader boss last night. Most enjoyable boss fight yet. Kinda easy, (only 2 attempts needed) but very cool mechanics. The twin Val'kyr. One is light, the other is dark. There are 4 charging portals in the arena, 2 light, 2 dark. You charge yourself with one or the other. When charged, you abosorb all damage of the same color, and deal damage to the opposite.
Throughout the fight, black and white orbs appear around the arena and seem to fly around all over the place. Getting hit by the same color starts building up a stacked buff on you. Opposing color seems to do mild damage to you. The stacked buff, however, kicks all kinds of ass. If it stacks to 100, you gain empowered darkness or empowered light. It makes you stupidly powerful. Building up this charge is something to watch during the fight. I wouldn't call it crucial, but it's very fun.
Also, the two bosses share a single health pool, and occasionally fire off a special ability. One might do a massive AOE, at which point you need to switch to the same color as the AOE before it goes off to avoid death. Another might cast a shell on herself and begin casting a big heal. Everyone has to switch to the opposing color and break the shell in order to interrupt the heal.
It's really a lot of fun, and reminded me of the old Gamecube/Dreamcast/XBLA game Ikaruga.
Video of the fight will probably be available next week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Champions Again.

We took down boss #2 in the Trial of Champions this week in about 3-4 attempts. I also managed to snag the Drape of the Untamed Predator off the first boss. Cause that's what I am.
Here's a video of this week's victory over the first boss.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Patch 3.2 just launched yesterday and we discovered some bugs that cropped up as a result of a fix. Our XT-002 strategy no longer works (tanking him on the right side of the room), but as a result of fixing the bot spawns, they increased the spawn rate significantly. Our attempts last night had 3-5 bomb-bots spawn from every corner and at least a dozen scrap bots. We were utterly overwhelmed. They have made the boss un-fun. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

We abandoned Ulduar till it's fixed and went to take on the first boss of the new Colosseum. It's a set of 3 different bosses, and we managed to down them in 3 attempts. Pretty easy so far.
Blizzard has changed how the new content is accessed however. We only have access to the first boss during the first week, and only on normal 25man. We must beat all bosses on normal25 before heroic25 is unlocked, and those bosses are being released in a weekly scheduled I believe.
We also found that the new VoA boss has not been implemented.
So that means, if Ulduar isn't hotfixed today, we may have no raiding to do tonight.
Overall, I really like a lot of the new stuff they've put in this patch, but the caveat is that Ulduar is temporarily broken.

The new dailies actually seem pretty cool, and there are about twice as many as before, so grinding Champion Seals should go faster.
The new Dragonhawk mount is gorgeous, so it's becoming a high priority. 150 seals is the price.
I'm hoping to get a little time in tonight to find the new Ravasaur trainer in Un'goro. I'm getting closer and closer to the 100 mount achievement. I plant to pick up the new low-level Undercity horse as well just to fill in the numbers. Also, I only need 4 more pets to get the 75 pet achievement.

I must say, my favorite addition of this patch is the change to the ammo-box materials. 2 saronite bars gets me 1000 ammo now. Old cost was 15 bars for 2000. Very happy about that change. I also like that Ultra-high shadow settings runs smoothly now.

So yeah, 3.2 gets a thumbs up from me.
Check out my youtube channel. I have almost every Ulduar boss video posted now. Still to go: Flame Leviathan and Yogg-Saron.

Friday, July 24, 2009

No Clean Shave Today.

Razorscale goes down in 3 rounds. We were missing 5 or 6 people this night.
In other news, it seems we've hit a wall with Yogg Saron. We can't seem to make it through phase 2. Not enough DPS on the brain, too many tentacles in the raid... It's a rough fight for us at the moment. Hopefully we bring him down in the coming weeks, but we might need to overhaul our strategy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here's last night's Freya fight. We cleared all Keepers on night one, and a quick Vezax kill tonight should allow us plenty of time to master the Yogg-Saron fight.
I've got some sound files on a few macros you can see in this latest video. Enjoy!